Selling Your Winnipeg Home To Winnipeg Home Buyers

Here is How The Process Works, Step by Step:

  1. You tell us about your property. The first step is to take 60 seconds to give us some quick information about your property, by filling out the form here, or by calling us at (431) 277-7777.
  2. We review your info. Once we receive your property info, we look it over and do some quick research to see if the property meets our buying criteria. And don’t worry, the property does not need to be in good condition! We buy properties in as-is condition that have been fire damaged, or that have city liens, overgrown weeds, full of trash, broken down, needing repairs, and with all sorts of other issues.
  3. We contact you to set up a quick appointment. After determining that we want to buy your house, we will call to set up an appointment. We will meet you at the property to take a quick look around and make sure the property matches what we talked about. You won’t have to do any cleaning or repairs.
  4. We present you with a fair, written, cash offer. After looking at the property, we will usually be able to make you an all-cash offer within 24 hours! After reaching an agreement on the purchase details, we will fill out a purchase agreement together with you. Then we will send the purchase agreement to a reputable title company, so they can verify that the title is in order.
  5. We close on the purchase! Because we’re paying cash, we can work with your schedule wether you’re looking to sell fast, or if you’d prefer a longer closing time. We will pay all the closing costs, and there will be no fees and no realtor commissions to worry about.
  6. You get paid! After closing, the title company will get you the money ASAP. They can send you a check or deposit the money directly into your bank account. And voila!

Get started now: Submit your property info here.

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